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About Us

DM Engineering Consulting Contracting & Trade Co. was founded in 1988 by expert Civil and Survey Engineers.

DM Engineering has been one of the locomotive company at many countries in engineering and consultancy services in the long and intensive process since its foundation, especially in the Highway, Railway Surveying Project and Superstructure Projects (Bridges, Viaducts, Culverts etc.) Engineering Services.

DM Engineering, with more than 30 years of experience coupled with a dynamic and powerful staff, continues to do its job successfully without sacrificing quality in all its engineering and consulting fields.

DM Engineering has been making success in the sector with its know-how, quality of work, personnel and equipment power. 



To produce high quality and economical solutions in national and international engineering - consultancy activities by bringing knowledge together with dynamic and strong cadres; all of the countries to be a leading organization in the development of engineering quality.



To produce high quality, fast and reliable solutions for all engineering and consultancy works which are serviced with the responsibility responsibility of the knowledge sector of more than 30 years in the engineering sector; national and international level.